Museum Development Channel

From here, you can watch live training sessions from the West Midlands MDOs.

Or follow direct link to YouTube:


Running 3D printing and technology workshops: an insider’s guide:

1.30 Power up!

Understand the working principles of a 3D printer. Download a model from

online 3D CAD repositories and create a physical object.

1.50 Delivering 3D Printing workshops

An overview of 3D printing and projects; followed by specific ways the

technology might be used in the museum context (for example as an

engagement or product development tool).

2.20 Hands on demo

See what members of the public might achieve. Each participant to follow a

mini project using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to generate a 3D

model for printing.

3.00 Opportunities and challenges

What different technologies allow, how they might be used, and their


3.20 Break

3.40 Discussion and workshop

Participants work with BCA to interpret 3D printing in their museum context

and explore potential processes they could employ.

4.15 Sum up

Summary of common themes, questions, and next steps.

4.30 Close


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