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Makey Makey Event with Mark Brill and Future Media

Had a brilliant afternoon at the follow up to #gallerycamp2013 with the Makey Makey session. Follow the slideshow below to see what we got up to, great blogging from the Future Media team on the day, and got some great ideas from the guys there!

Follow the link below to see the days ideas in full


Making the Most of Retail: Free training sessions provided Museum Development

The Making the Most of Retail… series is part of a 3  year programme of seminars, opportunities for sharing, partnerships, training  and other support to increase skills and confidence across the sector to help museums learn to thrive in the rapidly changing economic, social and political landscape.

This series of practical workshops is supported and lead by the Association of Cultural Enterprises the organisation which promotes commercial best practice in the cultural, heritage and visitor attraction sector.

Each session is geared to providing practical knowledge for those starting out as well as those looking to refresh their ‘retail’ offer. Each is standalone, but some sites may wish to see the programme as a complete package of skills and knowledge for staff and management.

The sessions are complemented by other on-site analyses and support over the period of the programme, please contact your MDO for more information.

The workshops are free to museums and heritage sites in the West Midlands, the number of places on each workshop are limited and we may have to limit the number of places per site to 1 person.


Download the word doc. here to find out about the sessions and dates: Making the most of Retail

A Sixth Sense: West Mids Museum Development Officer’s Annual Report

It’s that time of year! Us Museum Development Officers of the West Midlands have released out third joint annual report, allowing you to find out the plans for the future, and the outcomes of the past year.

During 2011/12 the West Midlands MDOs have focused on organisational sustainability and resilience, encouraging museums to adapt to change by adopting new ways of working, developing new partnerships, engaging more with their communities and making more effective use of volunteers. Environmental concerns have been high on their agenda, supporting museums to adopt a ‘greener’ approach as they plan for a longterm sustainable approach to the care of collections. They have also facilitated a wide range of learning and training opportunities, and, in particular, have encouraged museums to take up the challenge of digital engagement.


Please click here to download the report: MDO annual report_AW


QR Codes in West Midland’s Museums

I am sure many of us have now heard about the world of QR codes, and have witnessed the introduction of them into many elements of our everyday life. The West Midlands Museums Development Officer network (WMMDO) recently conducted a short scoping excercise looking at how QR codes are used in the museums and heritage sector and to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the current use of QR codes by museums in the West Midlands?
  • Which types of museums are using QR codes?
  • What do museums want to achieve by using QR codes?
  • Why aren’t some museums using QR codes?
  • What help and support do museums need to use them?

A selection of museums and heritage sites across the West Midlands were interviewed for this report. The results from the consultation were a varied from the surprising, to the not so surprising.

Read the report here: QR Codes – West Midlands Report

If you are interested in finding out more about QR Codes in WM museum and heritage sites, or wish to start planning for use of them, please do not hesitate to contact your local MDO.

Heritage Open Days

Well, it’s that time of year again! Heritage Open Days offer a brilliant opportunity for folk to get all sorts of special one-off experiences at their local heritage sites. Find out about everything going on in Worcestershire on the HODs site here

I will be spending the weekend with my host site, the County Museum in Hartlebury. If you fancy popping by, there will be plenty going on (including free entry!) with activities, collections centre tours, and me providing information and displays on collections care.

Open from 11-5 Sat 8th and Sun 9th Sept.



Worcester’s Fourth Plinth Project

About the project

A series of one-day creative residencies where YOU can take over the ex- Worcester Library space!

Museums Worcestershire are running temporary projects in part of the old library space once Worcester Library moves to the Hive.  Worcester’s Fourth Plinth is the first of these projects and will run from Monday June 25th to Friday July 20th 2012.

We are inviting participants to take part in the project.  Each participant will have residency of the fourth plinth for one day and they have complete freedom in how they use it.  We are hoping for an exciting series of creative work, which might include displays of paintings, poetry readings, performances, installations, sketching, sit ins, fashion shows and much more.

Worcester’s Fourth Plinth project is inspired by the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and particularly Anthony Gormley’s artwork One & Other.  But sited within Worcester’s ex-library space in 2012, it will become something new with messages about the creative work in this area and the significance of public buildings.

The website, includes information on how to apply to be a participant, and what will be happening on the first, second and third plinths.

Museum on the Move at Hartlebury Castle

After many months of suspense about the new ‘Just Art’ exhibition on display in the MOM bus, today I finally got my first glimpse. Sitting proud outside the the castle, the MOM bus is attracting lots of attention from the Hartlebury visitors, and I definitely saw some parents eyeing up the dressing up box………..

MOM this year has encorporated the following:

The theme chosen this year is the Arts. This is a very broad subject, but 6 sub-topics have been identified to enable us to explore key aspects within the space of the MoM vehicle. The sub-topics include:

1.     Introduction – what constitutes “the arts” and a brief history

2.     Visual Arts – sculpture, painting and architecture; how we view and represent the world around us.

3.     Literary Arts – prose, drama, poetry and oral arts such as epic, legend and folktales.

4.     Performing Arts – music and dance plus reference to magic, comedy, opera circus arts and film.

5.     Decorative Arts – functional art pieces such as furniture, ceramics and glass.

6.     The Arts and well-being – how access to and enjoy of the arts can improve our health and quality of life.

(Taken from

Sun shining on the Mobile Museum at Hartlebury

The wonderful Helen (Mobile Museum Interpreter) showing off the interiors of the bus

To find out more about hiring the Museum on the Move bus, please contact Sue Pope at

Nurturing Worcestershire’s Treasures Newsletter Issue 2

Those wonderful Skills for the Future trainees have done it again, and provided us with a wonderful newsletter about the things they have learnt, achieved and things they generally wish to share. Hope you enjoy!


Nurturing Worc’s Treasures Easter Issue 2

MDO Funding Enables Hartlebury Apprenticeship

Every year, Museum Development Officers across the region give out Program Support Grants to aid museum and heritage sites with a variety of things. The outcomes of this funding is always exciting to see, and something we hope to continue doing. 

This year, Worcestershire focused on different ways to further enable volunteers. My host site, Hartlebury Castle, received funding to help enable the training of an apprentice to continue on the work of the master wheelwright, Ced. When Ced leaves, this will be a lost craft and something that Hartlebury greatly relies on for it’s links with gypsy heritage.

The Redditch Advertiser featured an article on January 25th about this new apprenticeship opportunity, and we look forward to the applications!

Click here to read the article and find out how to apply

West Midland Museum Development Officers: Annual Report and ‘Catalysts for Change’

The West Midlands is home to six Museum Development Officers offering a wide range of guidance and advice. The two documents below show through case studies and analysis the ongoing help that we provide and how this has effected the museum, gallery and heritage sector in the West Midlands.

Catalysts for Change: West Midland Museum Development Officers

Museum Development Officers Annual Report 2010-2011