Arts Connect WM Film and Digital Arts Project for Museums, Heritage Sites and Libraries


Arts Connect WM Film and Digital Arts Project for

Museums, Heritage Sites and Libraries


Placing the creative vision of artists and arts organisations at the heart of this project Arts Connect will invite artists across all art forms to respond creatively to heritage collections and sites and/or library collections and venues. Inspired by the collections and venues you care for the artists will propose imaginative film and digital art installations created by, for and with children and young people.




Inspired by the work of artists we aim to create closer working partnerships between libraries, museums, heritage sites and film / digital artists, to encourage the use and integration of digital technology to broaden the reach of their work attracting more young people to explore their venues and their collections.




The project will:


  • Create digital interpretations of the collections through exploring  the themes of the collections in new and exciting ways
  • Integrate digital arts and film into the collections / venues and not as a standalone piece
  • Build the skills of venue staff and artists in digital arts and filmmaking within the wider cultural context to support sustainability
  • Engage young people in the venues and the collections as co-collaborators supporting the vision and direction for digital engagement and sharing.


What do we need you to do?


At this stage we are looking for a group of museums, libraries and heritage sites who are interested in working with artists to explore the digital arts. We want your creative vision to inspire how your museum, heritage site or library can bring your collections (books, local history, art, landscape, artifacts, ideas) to new audiences through multi-platform production (accessed through mobiles, tablets and computers).


When we put out a ‘call for artists’ we will provide them with a list of venues and sites who have expressed an interest in this project. Artists will be invited to respond with their own creative vision to the historical and contemporary collections within an individual museum or library or across a group of heritage sites and or libraries.


We will shortlist 3 artists/arts organisations or partnerships to work up their initial proposals and then select one to take forward and commission.


If you are interested in being put forward as a venue who would welcome artists and would like further information about what it would involve please contact Susan Goodwin on



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