Museum on the Move at Hartlebury Castle

After many months of suspense about the new ‘Just Art’ exhibition on display in the MOM bus, today I finally got my first glimpse. Sitting proud outside the the castle, the MOM bus is attracting lots of attention from the Hartlebury visitors, and I definitely saw some parents eyeing up the dressing up box………..

MOM this year has encorporated the following:

The theme chosen this year is the Arts. This is a very broad subject, but 6 sub-topics have been identified to enable us to explore key aspects within the space of the MoM vehicle. The sub-topics include:

1.     Introduction – what constitutes “the arts” and a brief history

2.     Visual Arts – sculpture, painting and architecture; how we view and represent the world around us.

3.     Literary Arts – prose, drama, poetry and oral arts such as epic, legend and folktales.

4.     Performing Arts – music and dance plus reference to magic, comedy, opera circus arts and film.

5.     Decorative Arts – functional art pieces such as furniture, ceramics and glass.

6.     The Arts and well-being – how access to and enjoy of the arts can improve our health and quality of life.

(Taken from

Sun shining on the Mobile Museum at Hartlebury

The wonderful Helen (Mobile Museum Interpreter) showing off the interiors of the bus

To find out more about hiring the Museum on the Move bus, please contact Sue Pope at


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  1. Thanks, Worcestershire MDO, for the favourable publicity. We hope all Worcestershire will want to book it over the coming weeks – schools, residential homes, libraries, weekend events, day centres.
    Oh – better just check whether “encorporated” shouldn’t be “incorporated”.

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