Museum visiting on the increase

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) has published a report on participation in culture and sport from 2005-11, including statistics from its regular Taking Part survey. Museum visiting is on the increase (up from 42.3% to 47.5%) compared with heritage sites remaining steady and library visiting declining. People who live in rural areas are just as likely as those in urban areas to have visited a museum or gallery. The biggest growth in museum participation is in the North West (up from 40.4% to 50.1%). People who had visited a museum as a child were significantly more likely to visit museums as an adult (57.7% of adults had visited as a child). The DCMS sectors with the highest proportion of charitable giving were heritage (16%) and museums and galleries (15.2%). The percentage of people visiting websites for information and ticket bookings for exhibitions or events had increased from 47.9% in 2005/06 to 54.5% in 2010/11. But the percentage looking at collection items on a website had dropped from 33.7% to 22.3%.

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